Motor Concrete Cutter: A Powerful Machine That Is Suitable For Wet Or Dry Cutting Of Concrete Or Asphalt Floors/kerbs

Posted by Admin on July, 11, 2019

Motor concrete cutter is a machine that is used to cut asphalt surface, cement road surface, building materials, etc. This machine is an improved and modern cutter that is available with an electronic motor and is extensively used in the construction industry, telecom industry, highway projects, and other such projects. This cutter is used for cutting the expansion joint on the concrete floor. Meanwhile, the machine can cut and groove all standard manufactures of marble, concrete, and granite. The machine is essential in the construction of the road.

The strong mainframe in the cutter adds the necessary strength to reduce vibration during the cutting process. The strong frame structure of the cutter also helps in resisting warping as well as vibration, thereby avoiding blade wear as well as prolonging the life of components used. Additionally, the crank in the cutter also helps in easy raising as well as lowering blade and locks into position, thereby maintaining the constant depth of cutting.

Special features of a motor concrete cutter are as follows: -

• The cutter is suitable for wet or dry cutting of concrete or asphalt floors/kerbs.
• This cutter is light and easy to handle.
• The motor concrete cutter is available with cutting depth indicator.
• This cutter has sturdy wheels on bearings.
• It has a straight line cut indicator.
• A tail wheel is also available on bigger models.
• Emergency stop switch is available in this cutter.
• Depth cutting is adjusted by wheel or with hydraulic system.
• Super-rigid box frame of the cutter ensures straight cuts while resisting warping and vibration and prolongs saw life and extends blade life.
• Height adjustment handle of the cutter is available with a comfortable grip.
• Easy crank is available for raising and lowering cutting depth.
• The hinged front lift-up blade guard is designed to provide easy blade replacement.
• Easy-removable, rustless poly water tank of the cutter provides an optimum flow and volume of water to the blade.
• The cutter uses sheet diamond, which has the advantages of quick cutting speed, and even cut. The sheet diamond can cut the steel beams in concrete.
• The cutter is known for simple and safety construction and for easy and flexible operations.

Advantages of a motor concrete cutter are as follows: -

• The motor concrete cutter provides energy-saving performance.
• The cutter comes with the option of electric motor and diesel engine support so as to deliver consistent work performance.
• The cutter has ergonomically designed handle that makes the operation more comfortable and speedy.
• The special protective covering of the cutter protects the engine perfectly and makes the transportation more safely.
• The unique designed water tank of the cutter provides adequate water supply and perfect cooling effect, no residual water and hence makes the maintenance easier.
• Special blade cover of the cutter makes the assembling and disassembling more easily.
• Folding guide wheel is available for accurate cutting.
• Adjustable cutting depth assures the cutting work more precise and efficient.

For purchasing a supreme grade motor concrete cutter, you need to trust on a reliable motor concrete cutter supplier in the market. The motor concrete cutter exporters in Gujarat are also famous for supplying a superlative range of cutter for their clients. You can rely on them for the finest quality product to meet your requirements.

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